Chulmleigh Music Centre

Chulmleigh Community College, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7AA

Music is accessible to everyone throughout their lives. It can make you happy or sad, invite you to dance or calm your weary mind. At Key Stage 3 students learn to identify and appreciate a variety of musical genres by listening, writing and playing different instruments and equipment.

Chulmleigh Community College is very proud of its School Orchestra, which performs concerns for parents and friends at various times throughout the school year.

Individual music lessons are available here at the College for a variety of instruments including piano, drums and guitar.

The GCSE Music course is for instrumentalists/vocalists who want to take their musical study to new heights, to feel stretched and challenged and to achieve a high standard. The three Strands of Learning (SOL): The Western Classical Tradition, Popular Music of the 20th / 21st Centuries and World Music are explored through five Areas of Study (AOS) that are essentially the Elements of Music you have studied at KS3: Rhythm and Metre, Harmony and Tonality, Texture and Melody, Timbre and Dynamics, Structure and Form.

Supported using public funding by Department for Education and Arts Council England